About FileTax

FileTax is a platform that provides you easiest way to log your day to day transactions and generate accurate reports that help you File Tax Returns. Our interface is very minimal and modern enough that it doesn't require any training or assistance to understand and operate. We also provided videos with guidance that will help you understand everything.

FileTax lets you add and edit various types of transactions from multiple businesses and segregate them into categories assigned by Federal Taxing authority of all countries in GCC. Our platform also support single tax identification for multiple businesses if you are registered likewise.

The Idea behind FileTax

Since the time GCC implemented VAT (Value Added Tax), one of our esteemed founder Mr Mohammed Anwar had the idea of online platform that would help people manage their transactions and file Tax Returns easily. The idea was further discussed and implemented by few more intellectuals into FileTax.

Taxing is not a complicated subject a user understands the process, but its not easy to make the user understand due to various reasons. So we thought if our interface is not traditional but rather a bit more creatively easy to kick start people to understand the process. Meanwhile we also made sure the user don't spend hefty amount on auditors every quarter. We also had plan to code a native application but because of certain limitations we shifted our focus to web application.

FileTax is definitely not the kind of application you usually find online, as we made sure we stand apart from the crowd. Our core focus was on easiest user experience, boosted productivity and accounting accuracy. We really feel proud and honored to bring FileTax to you.

Efforts took an Year

The idea was tossed between many minds and after lot of wise discussions the efforts started. The initial phase I draft was planned and ideas kept pouring in. Some of them were so tempting that we had to extend our Phase I scope to add them as well but we couldn't delay anymore so remaining ideas were pushed to Phase II. The pricing model was also kept very affordable and less complicated. We spend a whole lot of sleepless nights planning, discussing and implementing FileTax, and after a year of efforts FileTax was launched to public domain.

What lies ahead...

Improvements & Integration

We have a lot planned ahead for the future of FileTax. As committed, we are determined to improve existing services as well user experience to be much more easier. By the mid of this year, FileTax will be integrated with major accounting applications which will reduce the stress of data entry for users who have to depend on accounting applications. We are also planning to expand few more services limited to Tax calculations and wider user base, for instance we are currently serving regular tax payers, but soon will expand platform to Individual Accountants and Auditing Companies.

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